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With the Aim of "International RT Rescue Team"

In recent years, there have been frequently struck by natural disaster such as earthquake, flood disaster, and snow disaster. And also, human-caused disasters such as nuclear accident, terrorism atack, train disaster, show no sign of significant decline. The rescue work in a dangerous disaster or accident site could lead to secondary disaster. So, it is the highest priority to safety of rescue workers.
We, International Rescue System Institute (IRS) have studied and developed rescue robots and systems could do search and rescue activities for rescue workers. And, in order to realization, it's necessary to coordinate the rescue system with rescue workers.

However many existing robots or systems lack of actual experiences. Therefore IRS has set up the proving tests or drills with fire departments or local governments. The valuable evaluations from rescue workers have encouraged development of resarch activites. And in March 2006, IRS established the "International Rescue System Unit (IRS-U)" consisted of volunteers who are fire fighters and rescue workers.  

From Japan, the country with frequent earthquakes and the pioneer in robot technology (RT), the rescue team equipping robot systems would go into action in the disaster site. ---- in order to achieve the final goal, IRS-U would continue their acitivity.

Activities of IRS-U

(1) Participating Proving Test or Evaluation of Rescue Robots and Systems
(2) Participating Trainings of Rescue Robots Assumed Actual Disasters
(3) Participating Study Sessions of Rescue Robots and Systems

IRS works to set up and run these activities.

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